WackyB StickerCam

WackyB StickerCam

StickerCam is a companion utility for use with almost all Messenger software
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WackyB-StickerCam is a companion utility for use with Yahoo!Messenger.
StickerCam is the fun new way to automatically capture and record any number of Yahoo! Messenger, Skype or Camfrog webcams (including your own!)

Manually Capture and Record Windows Live Messenger web cams (and others) then save to AVI files.

Broadcast your web cam, AVI files, single or multiple images, the webcam you are currently viewing, your desktop and more (with or without Stickers, filters and effects) over Yahoo!® Messenger, Windows Live™ Messenger, Skype™, Camfrog, EyeBall Video Chat Messenger, Stickam™

Add static and animated images, Emoticons, text labels, symbols, filters, effects and more to your broadcast or capture either during or after... plus they can be added & removed, even after recording!

Export to standard AVI video files and JPG images (with or without Stickers, filters and effects) to share with your family & friends via email or via StickerCam broadcast
Development is supported by you :) It takes umpteen hours of coding and hard work with a hefty dose of coffee, creativity and inspiration to leave you feeling happy

System Requirements:

-Microsoft Windows® XP
-Web cam (optional) to record & broadcast your own cam
- Approx. 5-10mb disk space for stickers and saved webcams

Can be used with the following
Instant Messengers:

- Yahoo!® Messenger (broadcast & automatic capture)
-Skype™ (broadcast & automatic capture)
-CamFrog (broadcast & automatic)
- Windows Live Messenger™ (broadcast & manual capture)
- and also broadcast over EyeBall Video Chat Messenger and Stickam™

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